Equilibrium - Rise Society

Drawings created using charcoal from the 2020 Australian Bushfires. Two of these pieces were auctioned to raise money for various relief funds.

Close Quarters

In this series of drawings everything got more complex. The spaces and shape interactions were pushed to their limits. 


Apotropaic Totem

Apotropaic icons have been used around the world for thousands of years to deflect misfortune and evil influences or averting the evil eye.
My hope is that these colorful guardians enter the system and guard all the good people I know and love from these evils. I hope they break algorithms and let us see things for what they are.


Psychic Mandalalas

Born from an unconscious exploration of color and form while developing techniques on the iPad. The Psychic Mandalas became a morning ritual (or meditation) that helped me figure out new directions and exorcise some anxieties and inhibitions. Perhaps they’re gateways to unknown dimensions that exist beyond the immediate visual world.


The Monster I Am

Personally carved from Lime wood, this piece explores the concept of the human being consumed by stylistic choices and habits. Exhibited as part of the Pictolasma "Post Digital Monsters" show at La Gâité Lyrique in Paris.

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