Solar Powered

Illustrating the importance of the sun has in sustaining three kingdoms (Land, Sea & Air) and the effects of global warming -screen printed posters exhibited at Rinzen's Solar Powered show at Kong Gallery in Mexico City. Plus exploring the symbolism of the sun as a god like character in watercolors.

Lowdown 50

Contribution to celebrate Lowdown Magazine’s 50th issue.

Object - Pandemic

Hip Hop side project from Lawrence English.

NBA All Stars 2010 

Nike Brand Jordan commissioned two shoe designs for the NBA All Stars 2010. Each shoe reflected the persona of the individual player they were designed for.

Bunch of Fives.

A visual response to the question "what does five mean to you?" - for The Designers Republic's Bunch of Fives book.

Utilizing the 26 point/alphabet code system I reference the moment Rinzen became 3 members rather than 5.

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